Zota Beach Resort, Florida – Joie Retreat with Erica Powell

October 4, 2019

The Joie Retreat

The first Erica Powell & Co. Joie Retreat of 2019 was amazing. Erica Powell is a business coach and branding specialist who settles for nothing less than the absolute best. Her eye for perfection led her to work with us and an amazing team of creative professionals from New York to South Florida. We had the privilege of working alongside industry leaders to put on one of the most fun and educational business building retreats of the year.

This roster of event professionals combined with the Zota Beach Resort’s accommodations and service made this one of the most enjoyable retreats you could attend. Attendees were able to go from freshly made breakfast and coffee straight into business building. Then they could walk right out to the beach for a warm relaxing break. These points of comfort and space allowed participants to have a chance to process what they had learned and be ready and refreshed for the next class.

About the Retreat Film

For Erica Powell & Co.’s retreat film we incorporated testimonials from their former and current business coaching and branding clients. We also showed the hands-on interaction and joyful atmosphere Erica creates. Capturing the perfect mix of business, elegance, and entertainment is always one of the most important signature elements woven throughout the Joie Retreats. Being able to include the décor highlights and luxurious event production details in their retreat film helps attendees see the amount of care put into every single minute. Through working with us to create their retreat film, Erica Powell & Co. is able to demonstrate their care, confidence, and ability they bring to the table for every dream client with whom they work.

Select still frames from Zota Beach Resort Film:


Creative Partners

Cinematography | Kenneth Cooper Films
Venue |  Zota Beach Resort
Event Planning | Erica Powell & Co
Decor | Bambini Soiree & Gilded Group Decor
Electric Violin | Divina Strings
Photography  |  Stella Paschall Photography
DJ  |  Pryme Tyme Entertainment