Natural Wedding Retreat at Gather Greene | Venue Spotlight

November 22, 2019

Gather Greene is over 100 acres of natural beauty tucked between the Berkshire Mountains and the Catskill Mountains. The main buildings and locations are at the top of the ridge, providing not only stunning and unmatched views but also privacy and a sense of exclusiveness. Gather Greene has a pavilion, cabins, and breathtaking grounds that provide the perfect backdrop and accommodations for your wedding or event.

Location Details


With over 100 acres, Gather Greene has a place for everyone. They have seventeen cabins available for reservations, each complete with a large picture window, air conditioning and heating. There is also a full bathroom (with warm showers!) so you can stay in the woods with all the comforts of home. With a king size bed, a beautiful deck, mini fridge, and caffeine fix, you may never want to leave!

Trails + Quarry

You can find your way to the cabins along well-lit wooded pathways, or take some of the other trails and visit the hammock circles or the lower fields. You’ll definitely want to take a walk to the blasted out shale quarry, perfect for photos, al fresco dining, and reflection on the beautiful pond in the middle of it. One exceptionally neat part of the quarry is the veins of quartz crystals running throughout the shale. Take a walk along the jetty that juts into the pond and do some crystal hunting of your own!

The Pavilion

Large Gathering Space

The pavilion at Gather Greene is the perfect solution for those who want a wedding among nature while still being prepared for the unpredictability of nature itself. The pavilion offers over 4,000 square feet of open covered space with zero columns or hindrances to any floor plan you can dream up! Not only that, the large focal wall has small eye hooks installed along the entire face of it, allowing your design and décor to be the focus of this beautiful space. The pavilion has an abundance of electrical outlets and several bathrooms (with running water!) so you and your guests will be very comfortable. The pavilion is edged with unique walls that offer 360-degree views of the stunning mountains and fields and movement of fresh air on clear days. These screens also have motorized shades in case of inclement weather, to keep the party dry and warm!

Working Spaces + Lounges

Separate from the main pavilion space are two luxury dressing suites, a generous catering kitchen, and a large upstairs lounge space. These additional spaces provide the elegance and comfort that you and your bridal party will want on your wedding day, and the convenience of the close proximity to the main reception area!

Vendor and Booking Options

To have your wedding at Gather Greene means you are able to rent the entire 100+ acre property for the entire weekend, providing you ample time and space to celebrate your union. They provide the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception, and send-off Sunday brunch. They also have a carefully crafted list of vendors with whom they have worked that are truly wonderful. The venue manager is available to help you decide on your vendors, or you may suggest one of your own. The venue manager is also present all weekend to answer questions, greet guests, and ensure things are smooth, clean, and stocked.

There is all of this and more, and absolutely worth checking out! Our time there was magical and we know yours will be too. Contact Gather Greene directly for more information (link to their website below).

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