We didn't think we needed a wedding film, but you've given us something we will truly cherish forever.

My Philosophy

Every person has a story, and every person will leave a legacy for those that come after them.
Films not only keep our stories alive, but they inspire us to live better & ground us when we need to be reminded of the good things in life. With each wedding film I create I keep those principles in mind, drawing out the most important moments. The rich life experiences of my couples are told throughout the wedding day through love notes, personal vows, and toasts given in their honor.

My filmmaking expertise is borne of a passion to weave together compelling stories with timeless & elegant visuals. 

As the founder, Kenny is the brains behind everything we do here. He ultimately oversees editors, client contacts, & all the final products we produce. Kenny is also our lead cinematographer, in charge of our first crew & vetting everyone in our second.

kenneth cooper

Emily is our Studio Administrator.
She will be your main point of contact from initial inquiry to final booking. Along with discussing your day & helping you figure out logistics. Emily will take care of you and be your resource for any questions you have along the way!

emily sullivan

Our Team

Moments that Inspire

Taking time to spend with my wife, family, & friends is one of the most valuable things I can do for the world. It allows me be present for the little things, and inspires me to envision how I can change the future.

Behind theScenes

Ideas & Experiences

I enjoy books, ideas, art, & experiences.
When I'm not working directly with my clients to craft their dream wedding film, you can find me immersed in literature, contemplating philosophy & how we can best live in the world. I draw on my own thoughts & experiences as well as those of antiquity and bring them into the modern creative industry through the films I create day after day.

the Kenneth cooper experience

We aren't just another wedding company.
Filmmaking is the heartbeat of our creative passion.

Why We're Unique


Let us tell your story!
We'd love to work together to create something as unique & unforgettable as you!

Storytellers +  Dreamers


(we're a little obsessed)

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