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we create flawless wedding film experiences for our couples from initial inquiry to feature film and beyond

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we provide an unmatched luxury experience for our couples

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We'll collaborate with you to find out everything we can about your wedding day. From there we put together a custom proposal unique to the needs of your day with all the perfect touches to ensure you have a flawless wedding film.

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After you reserve your date with us we will gather all the details of your day as needed. We will schedule a check-in with you or your planner to make sure we stay up to date, and you can always feel free to send us any information or ask any questions you have. One week (or so) before your wedding date we will do a scheduling call to create your final "Day Of" order of events that will ensure we are able to capture everything we need.


This is it! We always arrive early and work extremely hard to capture everything we need on your wedding day. We want you to have a flawless luxury experience with our filmmakers, so professionalism & attention to detail is our goal. We love getting those perfect angles and making our couples shine in front of the camera.


After we finish capturing your day we immediately back up your footage and begin creating an outline of your film. If you chose one of our fast delivery options you will see one of your films within 24hrs. We have a variety of wedding film options to chose from, this is when we'll confirm your final order before we begin our deep dive into crafting your dream wedding film.


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Our dream couples are classy + elegant, contemporary + stylish, and only want the absolute best for their wedding day. They are passionate about each other and want to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests. They express their deep love for each other in their vows, but aren't afraid to let loose during the reception and have fun. Overall, our dream couples love each other, their guests, and desire a flawless wedding day experience.