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LEARN ABOUT EVERYTHING WE DO TO CREATE SOME OF THE MOST romantic & timeless wedding films in the world.

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lead signature filmmaker

Stephanie leads our Signature Filmmaker Team, available primarily in the Northeastern US & for travel destinations. She has worked alongside Kenneth Cooper for events across the US and loves capturing once in a lifetime intimate wedding moments on film. Stephanie is dedicated to providing a fun & elegant experience for each couple she works with. The most rewarding parts of each wedding are the emotions, and unique stories from her couples. Filmmaking is a powerful way to capture a couples love in time, tell a story, and allow it to live beyond the moment.

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client experience director

Emily is our Client Experience Director.
From beginning to end, discussing your day & helping you figure out exactly what you need for your perfect wedding film, she will be your resource for any questions you have along the way!

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We cannot stress enough the importance of working with a company who has experience. Do not let your wedding day be lost to an amateur or new company that hasn't been around long enough to build failsafes into their workflow. We use multiple redundancies for capturing your most precious moments and know how to work smoothly with all wedding pros to allow you to have the stress free you deserve!

Working with your wedding pro dream team is one of the most important aspects of your day. Why? Because your dream team will not only set the vibe of your day off to the right start, but knowing you are working with your most favorite & best wedding pros will help you have full confidence and be excited during the many months leading up to your wedding day as well!


avoid stress if possible

Don't cut corners on your wedding film! Ok of course we would say this, but it’s true. Your wedding film is literally the only piece of your day that will allow you to truly relive everything with music, motion, & crystal clear recordings of your vows & toasts. Your film will live on and tell the story of your love & legacy to future generations. It’s also a great excuse to cuddle up with popcorn and champagne on a cozy night in (not that you need that excuse).

This might be an obvious one, but its super important! Do whatever you can to minimize stress on your wedding day. Designating a point of contact in your wedding party or maybe even someone to manage everything on your day will help eliminate drama and unnecessary worries. This will help you to have a healthy, happy, and genuine smile in your wedding film!

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We would love to work together to create something as unique & unforgettable as you!

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